Dawson Springs Health and Rehabilitation Center

Krista Kilkenny RN     Director of Nursing     4 Years

Randall Winters     Dietary Department     4 Years

Elizabeth Yates RN     Quality Assurance Nurse    4 Years

Ridgewood Terrace Health and Rehab Center

Deborah Allen     Housekeeping     8 Years

Michelle Crowell CNA     6 Years

Debra Gibson     Dietary Manager     20 Years

Jeannie Hunt     Dietary Department     4 Years

Tonya Jones RN     Nursing     2 Years

Lauren Lloyd, Administrator     1 Year

Morgan Morris CNA     2 Years

Shannon Quiggins LPN     Administrative Team     1 Year

Tuesday Wheeler     Medical Coding/Records     3 Years

Tradewater Health and Rehabilitation Center

Dixie Gates RN     Nursing     4 Years

Teresa Hollis     Administrative Assistant     3 Years



Congratulations to these special employees.  Thank you for

your hard work and dedication to our residents and staff!