Concord Health Systems July 2017
Employee Anniversaries
Dawson Springs Health and Rehab
1 Year
Christa Barne$ RN
Crystal Mullins RN
Ashley Norris CNA
2 Years
Daniel Frankel CNA
Stephanie Orange CNA
5 Years and More
Misty Dame Social Services/Admissions 6 Years
Tony Smith Maintenance 20 Year

Ridgewood Terrace Health and Rehab
1 Year
Sherry Barron LPN
Jaymi Sass CNA
2 Years
Jennifer Hibbs Social Services/Admissions
5 Years and More
Melissa Dame RN 5 Years
Rose Ann Whitmer CNA 5 Years
Debra Stewart Dietary 7 Years
Martha Thomas Administra-ve Assistant 9 Years
Tamika Helm Med Tech 17 Years
Janice Mangum Hydra-on Aide 21 Years

Tradewater Health and Rehab

Josie Mathis RN   2 Years

Judith Boyd  Dietary  4 Years

Elizabeth Felkins   Housekeeping     4 Years

Diann Egbert CNA   9 Years

Keli Tolbert LPN  9 Years


Congratulations to Judith Heid, CNA, who recently retired after close to 9 years of service.

Thank you for your devotion to our residents and staff!

Best of luck to you!