Did You Know???  

  • Harmonizing Health Care is the Mission of Concord Health System
  • Our Hallmark is Excellence in Health Care
  • A “Hands On” Approach to Care is Preferred and Practiced
  • CHS Employees are Dependable and Caring Professionals
  • Innovative Dietary Services are Utilized to Enhance Resident Dining
  • Resident Participation is encouraged in each facility by an Activities Coordinator
  • CHS Staff and Programs are KAHCF Award Winning
  • A Compassionate Admission Process Facilitates Resident Placement
  • Families and Volunteers Are Encouraged to Visit, Share and Participate



Concord’s Vision Statement:

Concord Health Systems will be the community health and rehabilitation provider & employer of choice by creating a culture that:

  • Adheres to our values and delivers compassionate, patient-centered quality health care to our clients,
  • Emphasizes teambuilding with our stakeholders including our staff, patients, and their circle of support including their family and/or legal representative, physicians, and other treating health care professionals to improve our client’s quality of life & quality of care,
  • Focus on staff development and establishes a learning environment by partnering with college nursing programs to address the needs of our future leaders,
  • Strives to achieve excellence in every area of our business by embracing innovation and investing in the latest proven medical technology,
  • Builds strategic alliances and seamless integration with other health care providers & organizations.



Concord’s Values: