Concord Health Systems Directory       

2850 North Main Street · Madisonville, Kentucky 42431

Phone: 270-825-2528      Fax: 270-825-2532

Home Office Staff


Morrine Cox, RDLD                                                                                         

Corporate Dietitian

Phone:  270-977-0450

Mandy Matheny, LPN, LNHA                                                                                     

Director of Quality and Admissions

Phone:  270-836-3745                                                                                                   

Janice Parish                                                                                                    

Payroll Coordinator

Phone:  270-339-5327

Donna Redfern                                                                                                                                                               

Corporate AR Specialist

Phone:  270-871-1173

Ellen B. Spicer                                                                                                   

Public Relations Specialist

Phone:  270-543-7837

Debbie Thorn                                                                                                    

Home Office Manager/Benefits Coordinator

Phone: 270-881-3621

Dawn Wiles                                                                                                  

Accounts Payable Manager

Phone: 270-265-1073